Saturday, 27 December 2008

A post-tag about : AWARD & MY LOVE STORY

"Happy Seven Award" "This appreciation is aimed for whoever still having lucky certain love relations, have millions memories and billions stories behind it. Possibly also had something's overturned of the date figure? Let us know what your unforgotten periods have!"


1. Everyone who gets this award is obliged to write his/ her recent love story & these rules in his/ her new post.

2. Everyone who gets this award is obliged to tag 7 of his/ her friends who have a unique love story to be shared then they must do what he/ she does as well.

Notes on the award:

This award is under license of Cindy Perdana Computeria & Fediani Putri Andarini, so you must certify that you have the right to distribute & you do not violate the rules. Contact person(s): Cindy (candle)/ Fediani (hana)

I've got this post from Neno, hahaha, you never tired to tag your friend, hihihi.. By the way, Thank you!

I start the rules by telling my love story. My love story? I just realized I was being a single for almost a year. Hahaha. So I don't have any stories to tell. But, of course, I ever had someone who loves me so mad. Let me tell about HIM. He is one of good fellows in campus. We knew each other from first semester. Then, we made a relationship in the fifth semester.

Unfortunately, we couldn't continue our relationship for a longer time. We broke up on the second month. Second month? Yep, we only made that for two months. It was so boring and tiring. I never imagine this fact. For any reasons, I never regret with HIM. Because, he's just such a good fellow in my life, who tries to cheer me up. In fact, he tries to get closer with me. Finally, we are still keep in touch until now. Thank you for all the things you gave to me.

I'm tagging this post to Neriva, Nova, Karin, Ika, and my sister, Fanny. Never mind, please! hehehe


nenoneno said...

hihi semangat ya! mo taun baru, sapa tau dapet pacar baru! ;)

ayu susanti aditya said...

ok nenoo..