Saturday, 27 December 2008

A post-tag about : THE REASON

Firstly, I say thank to Neno, thanks for the homework that you gave to me. Well, neno, I never mind to do all the homework I got. Let me tell you how the result. Hihihi...

A post-tagged about : THE REASON

1) Why did you give a blog title with "I'm telling about... a media where I could tell anything"?
Actually, there are not any spesific reasons about my blog title. Because, as you know, blog is a media where we could tell about any themes, like our daily life, our love, our goals, and whatever things that happened in our life. It means I'm telling about my style, my best friend, and other themes, which becomes a title for the post I wrote. Based on what things we tell on our blog, so that I thought : "I'm telling about.." for the right time. Do you understand the reason about my blog title? Hopefully, you, anyone who reads this post, could get the point of my reason about the blog title I had. ;)

2) Why did you use this template?
You know, I've changed a template for two times, hehehe. The first template was black- silhouette girl. But, I don't want to talk about my first template. I want to explain why I choose my last template (Wishing this template would be the last). I chose the black-cute cats, because I love cats! Yes, I really do! Cats are so cute!

Ok, back to the reason about my second template... Another reason, I love pink, so I really want some of the text is coloured by pink. Besides that, I can customize my blog more and more balance. I customized with black and white. I took a white for the background.

3) What moment did you never forget in your life?

Moment? Did you mean, special moment? I'm thinking for a while..
The moment that I never forget is all memories in junior high school. Yup, I really love and miss all my buddies in Tunas Jakasampurna School. Oh great, It was an unforgetable moment, because I faced up much things. The teachers, the boys, the girls, the canteen. I know it seems so childish. But, the best memories I ever had is in junior high school. I always wait for the reunion, like this photo.

4) Tag this post to your friend. I'm tagging to Neriva, Karin, Nova, Ika, and my sister, Fanny.

Once again, thank you neno! I can't wait a post-tagged from you again! hihihihi...


nenoneno said...

great job! you've done it! I love cats too and I think this template is kinda cool. ;)

anyway, what is 'a post-tagged'? humm.. :S

ayu susanti aditya said...

a post tagged? yaa..cuma istilah gw sendiri yg bikin..
abis binun..
do u have any ideas?

nenoneno said...

a post-tag/ an after tag, maybe? :S hehe :P