Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Fellows Tagged Me for Writing a Post

hello all.

ok.. after arriving at home, I checked my blog, then i found a post-tag from my fellows, they were Ika and Karin. Well, i don't understand with "a post-tag", but, i'm trying to make a post.. Here you go..

A Post-Tag about: 10 FACTS OF MINE

1) I really love eating chocolate. Sometimes, I can eat one bar of chocolate for a
day. Hahaha, sounds crazy, right? chocolate is the most valuable snack in my life.
chocolate is the greatest thing in the world. chocolate is the best medicine to fix our
bad mood or broken-hearted. Hehehe, that's the fact, isn't that? Why does chocolate become
so a favorable thing? Yep, i'm trying to answer.

Some experts say that... chocolate has
phenylethylamine (*meanwhile, I don't know what is phenylethylamine about*), which is a substance like amphetanine, can gain and absorb thriptofan to our brain then produce dophamine. The dophamine can fix a bad feeling in ourself. Some experts say phenylethylamine can make us to be like a falling-in-love person.. Yippie.. That's a good point from chocolate.

* The first fact is I'm a fan of CHOCOLATE

2) I wanna be a real journalist. Yup, wheiii.. I can't hardly wait to get my bachelor's degree and apply for being a journalist, either printed-media (newspapers and magazines) or electronic-media (radio or television). Talking about my goal, I never expect to be a journalist since I was a child. What things could make me so ambitious to be a journalist? Let me tell about the story...

Since I was a child, my father has been interviewed by some journalist from a lot of media (my father is a politician in Indonesia, so that his opinion would become a news). But, I didn't expect to be a journalist. When I was in senior high school, I'm really amazed with their job. These are several reasons why do I want to be a journalist:
  1. I think JOURNALIST is a cool job.
  2. Journalists can interview a lot of varoius people, whether poor people, famous people, and many others.
  3. Journalists can meet new people from everywhere.
  4. Journalist is one of a job which is quite underpressure.
  5. Journalist can report one place to another place, one country to another country, so I'm very excited to see and learn much things in a new place.
  6. The last reason is: I LOVE WRITING a lot. When I was in junior high school, I've ever followed as a participant of "Writing a Short-Story Competition" which was held by Kawanku (one of a teen magazine in Indonesia). Hmm.. The short-story that I wrote is titled as "FIRST LOVE". Haha, of course, the story tells about a girl who is falling in love with a boy since they were in elementary school. Ok, maybe if you read this post you could imagine how embarrassment that story about! :D
This is the report of my job-training when I was a journalist in Kompas.

3) I've ever fell in love with a boy since I was in elementary school, perhaps, it could be my first love, huahaha, this is the silliest thing I ever had in my life. Ok, let me tell you a little bit.. His name is A_ _ M (I don't publish your name). He was one of my classmates in the fifth grade. I never know why I could be so mad about him. But, you know what happen next? I sent a letter for him. In that letter, I told him that I fell in love with him, and I asked him: "Would you like to be my boyfriend??". Then, all of my fellows in elementary and junior school knew about this fact. Damn! I really did that! Come on, ayu! This silly fact is just a little part of my life! What a silly life! LOL

*Sorry, I can't continue about that "fell in love" story in elementary school.

4) I really love about FRIENDSHIP. Even I always prefer to call my friends than my boyfriend. Because, I have a perception : "We can't live without a friend". So I always respect to someone if she/he would make a friend with me. I always be a trustworthy for my friend. I believe : "If we could keep friends problem as a secret, friends would have a trust to us".

5) Now, I'm wishing to get my bachelor's degree in 2009. I don't have any prediction what month I could finish my thesis. I hope I could finish my thesis on February 2009. Well, support me, please! My thesis tells about: "Konstruksi Surat Kabar Terhadap Peristiwa Sakit Hingga Meninggalnya Mantan Presiden Soeharto : Analisis Framing atas Berita Kompas, Republika, Media Indonesia". The fifth fact of mine is I'M FINISHING MY THESIS.

6) I'm really proud that I'VE A GREY HAIR! Yap, in Indonesian, we call it: UBANAN. Almost of my friends already know about my grey hair and they (especially the boys) always do something annoying with my grey hair. But, I'm really confident for having a grey hair. A grey hair means I'm a smart, isn't it? hehehe. Yesterday, I asked to my stylist (My family has a trustworthy-stylist, his name is Gino). I asked him about why I have so much grey hair. He answered: it caused by a genetic factor. Yeah.. my parents have a lot of grey hair in theirself. Ok. I believe why I have so much grey hair since I was in senior high. *sigh...

7) I really want to study abroad. After graduating from University of Nasional, I'll improve my TOEFL score so that I could get a scholarship for my master's degree. I really want to study abroad, because, i want to make my dream. Yup, my dream is I should take and apply for a master degree from any countries, like Malaysia or Singapore. But, while I'm looking for a scholarship, I should get a job first. That's my future plan in 2009. Wish me. If you need some information about scholarships, you can click here.

8) I really love MY FAMILY. I think family is the best friend in our life. I have a small happy family which consists of Syamsuddin Haris (as my father), Rochmawati (as my mother), Diah Fanny Amalia (as my younger sister), Mbak Asih (my servant), and Mbak Mul (as my servant too).

9) I really love LOMBOK and BALI. I love both of them, because, that islands have a great scenery, beautiful beaches, some interesting places to visit, and some unique stuffs to buy as a souvenir. Luckily, I've ever went to that islands for a vacation with my family. Huhuhuy. Can't hardly wait to visit again. The next fact is: I'm wondering when I can go there (again) for a holiday.

10) The last fact is : now, I'm preparing myself to meet with my best friend, Dian, in Metropolitan Mall Bekasi. I'm going to accompany her for buying some stuffs that she needs.

I'm tagging 4 of my friends to write a post about 10 facts of them and the photo (at the right now) in their blog.. Here they are.. Nova, Mustika, Neriva, and Egie.

A POST-TAG ABOUT: Look at my picture!

This photo just takes 5 minutes to capture, move, save, and publish in my blog. In this photo: I was sitting in front of my computer in my father's room.

'm tagging 4 of my friends to write a post about 10 facts of them and their photo (at the right now) in their blog. Here they are.. Nova, Mustika, Neriva, and Egie


mustikasari said...

ayuu.. ngetag yaaa? heee kok gaa bilang2 :P
nanti yaa kukerjakann, tunggu sajaa :P

nenoneno said...

wah analisis framing! jurusan apa? :)