Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A post-tag about : AWARD & MY RESOLUTIONS in 2009


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Neno, Thank you for tagging me again, but, sorry for the late result of this post. I 'm kinda busy..so sorry!

Based on my previous post about “Bye 2008.. and welcome 2009!”, here is my list of resolutions in 2009.

1. Get my bachelor’s degree this year. At least, I could get my bachelor on May 2009. I really want to get before my 22nd birthday on August!

2. Increase my TOEFL’s score. I ever had tried to take and know about my TOEFL’s score. Unluckily, my TOEFL’s score wasn’t good enough (yep, I have to get 550 points for TOEFL). Why I’d be so obsessed to get more than 550 points? Since TOEFL’s score is one of the qualifications to apply for a job, so I totally have to study harder. Then, I’d be easily to get a job. ;)

3. Get a job! After I have my bachelor’s degree, I’ll try to apply as a journalist. Hehehe, journalist is my dream job! Hopefully, I could make my dream comes true. I wish I could be a journalist in one of the TV station. But, I don’t even mind, if I start my career as journalist in a magazine or newspaper.

4. Take a driving lesson. For this one, I just want to help my father to drive our car. As the oldest child, my father really wants me to replace him as a driver in our family. When I was in senior high school, I ever had took a driving lesson actually, but, I wasn’t a good driver. Hihi..so sorry dad! I’m okay, I’ll try to take a driving lesson again as soon as possible.

5. Be a better woman! Huh, you know humans never feel satisfied with theirself, so do I. I hope I could be a better woman. It means I could arrange, manage, organize my money, time, and also myself. And the last I hope, I could be more patient, not to be temperamental and get easily bored with other people.

Fiuh.. Wishing God may help all those my resolutions. Wishing all those my resolutions will come true in this year. Amien.

I’m tagging this post to: Mustika, Rini, and Mutya. I hope all of you never mind to tell five of your resolutions, please! cheers! :)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bedtime Stories, It's a must watch!

Still remember Adam Sandler?? Yep, he is a guy who acts in 50 First Dates. Now, we can see his stupid action in "Bedtime Stories". "Bedtime Stories" is recommended as a comedy, family, and fantasy movie. Well, I wouldn't like to tell the synopsis, I'm trying to analyze the similarities between this and other movies. Hehe.

Family and Comedy
Hollywood's movies mostly consist of family and comedy genres. For example, have you seen "The Pacifier" and "Yours, Mine, and Ours"? In these movies, there is a family, which has so many children. Their naughtiness is totally unstopable. Even though they are so naughty, but, what-they-do becomes a joke, so we can laugh and enjoy their naughtiness in the movie. Besides that, the adults always try and find a way to look after the children.

In "The Pacifier", Vin Diesel gets a job and agrees to take care of the children. Vin Diesel should stay with them during one month. Since their naughtiness, he never succeeds in looking after the children, but finally he makes the children so calm.

Or, maybe, have you ever watched "Yours, Mine, and Ours"? If you've ever watched this movie, didn't you see that there were 18 children? Haha, sounds crazy, right? Could you imagine how the parents could take care all of them in a house everyday? The movie tells how Helen and Frank are high school sweethearts, they reconnect at a reunion, and fall in love again. But, they face up a new problem, they should set up a big happy family (with 18 children!). Haha.

Now, we discuss "Bedtime Stories". In "Bedtime Stories", Adam Sandler should take care of his nephew and niece (Bobbi and Patrick) while their mom leaves the town. So, Adam Sandler always looks for new ways to look after Bobbi and Patrick in everynight. Eventually, he decided to tell bedtime stories everynight. Suprisingly, Bobbi and Patrick begin to bring their ideas about the continuity of those stories and the stories turn out to become in a real life. Sounds silly, doesn't it?

Another thing that you can find between these movies..an animal! "The Pacifier" has a duck. In "Yours, Mine, and Ours", you can find a cute pink pig! Of course, "Bedtime Stories" has BUGSY! Bugsy is such a little cute marmoot whose eyes are so big!

Have you ever seen "Bridge to Terabithia"? "Bridge to Terabithia" is about the briliant imagination of Jesse and Leslie. Yup, Jesse and Leslie always discuss their imagination. Finally, their own city is made from their imagination, and they call that city "Terabithia". In "Bedtime Stories", Bobbi and Patrick always imagine how the story should go. In fact, their imagination is so silly and funny. So, "Bedtime Stories" is a wonderful fantasy to see.

*In this photo: Dodi, Nova, Ayu, Hadi

That's my explanation about the similarities between "Bedtime Stories" and other movies. Well, I want to thank to my fellows in campus (Hadi, Nova, and Dodi), who have already asked and accompanied me to watch at Setiabudi 21. Thanks for hanging out with me guys!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The tiger's name is AYU

Good evening all readers.

This afternoon, our president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), visited Kebun Binatang Ragunan, Jakarta. When he was visiting, he gave a name to four white tigers which was born in Kebun Binatang Ragunan. The four white tigers are consist of three female and one male. Three white female tigers are Ayu, Asri, and Kasih. The male one is Sinar. Why did SBY give a name to four white tigers like Ayu, Asri, Kasih and Sinar? Andi Mararangeng said that SBY wanted the tigers are becoming prettier and brighter than others.

Oh..my gosh. I can't believe. My name is used for a tiger! Ok, I know it is not just a plain tiger, but WHITE TIGER. Hahaha. I'm really proud with my name. I really want to thank to my Mom and Dad, who have given me a beautiful name. Also, thank to Allah SWT, because I was born with a beautiful name.

Well, I'm not joking through this post. I just want to thank about my name. Thank you for giving me a very beautiful name.. Hehehe. ;)

*This post is adopted from "Ayu, Asri, Kasih, dan Sinar Harapan Presiden" (Kompas ONLINE, January 4th 2009) click here

Let's praying for PALESTINE!

In the last week of December, we were all suprised with news about the invasion of Israel to Palestine. The invasion started on December, 27th. But, the invasion is still continuing now. There were so many people killed by the Israeli military. The death toll is about 422 people and there were about 100 children killed too. Yup, most of people killed consist of women and children. Could you imagine this fact? I totally can't imagine the situation of Gaza. As you know, the invasion was caused by Israel wanting to take a little part of district in Palestine. For some weeks, after I read and watched news about Israel and Palestine, I was shocked. I can't do anything. I just pray to God. I just wish that Israel would end the invasion. I just wish all the world leaders may help to look for other solutions for Israel and Palestine.

Through on this post, I want all of the people (readers or bloggers) to pray for Palestine.

Let's praying for Palestine!

I'm wishing Palestinians could be tougher to against the invasion!

I'm wishing Israel could stop the invasion!