Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A post-tag about : AWARD & MY RESOLUTIONS in 2009


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Neno, Thank you for tagging me again, but, sorry for the late result of this post. I 'm kinda busy..so sorry!

Based on my previous post about “Bye 2008.. and welcome 2009!”, here is my list of resolutions in 2009.

1. Get my bachelor’s degree this year. At least, I could get my bachelor on May 2009. I really want to get before my 22nd birthday on August!

2. Increase my TOEFL’s score. I ever had tried to take and know about my TOEFL’s score. Unluckily, my TOEFL’s score wasn’t good enough (yep, I have to get 550 points for TOEFL). Why I’d be so obsessed to get more than 550 points? Since TOEFL’s score is one of the qualifications to apply for a job, so I totally have to study harder. Then, I’d be easily to get a job. ;)

3. Get a job! After I have my bachelor’s degree, I’ll try to apply as a journalist. Hehehe, journalist is my dream job! Hopefully, I could make my dream comes true. I wish I could be a journalist in one of the TV station. But, I don’t even mind, if I start my career as journalist in a magazine or newspaper.

4. Take a driving lesson. For this one, I just want to help my father to drive our car. As the oldest child, my father really wants me to replace him as a driver in our family. When I was in senior high school, I ever had took a driving lesson actually, but, I wasn’t a good driver. Hihi..so sorry dad! I’m okay, I’ll try to take a driving lesson again as soon as possible.

5. Be a better woman! Huh, you know humans never feel satisfied with theirself, so do I. I hope I could be a better woman. It means I could arrange, manage, organize my money, time, and also myself. And the last I hope, I could be more patient, not to be temperamental and get easily bored with other people.

Fiuh.. Wishing God may help all those my resolutions. Wishing all those my resolutions will come true in this year. Amien.

I’m tagging this post to: Mustika, Rini, and Mutya. I hope all of you never mind to tell five of your resolutions, please! cheers! :)



okaaayyyy... hahahaha...

my new year resolutions:

1. STOP SMOKING (yeah right... this has been my new year resolution EVERY year.. hahaha)

2. GET THAT BOY (lho... that's a wish, not really a resolution ya? biarin...)

3. TRAVEL MORE (checklist 2009: bromo, flores, vietnam, ambon & banda)

4. MAKE MORE MONEY (so i can travel more)


well.. that's it ayu.. good luck on your resolutions!!!

nenoneno said...

hai Ayu! akhirnya peer dikerjain juga. congratz dulu ni. hehe. (:

wah bole tu resolusi #4, karena saya juga belum bisa nyetir mobil dengan bener. huhu.. :D semoga semua kesampean ya! amin. (: