Sunday, 4 January 2009

Let's praying for PALESTINE!

In the last week of December, we were all suprised with news about the invasion of Israel to Palestine. The invasion started on December, 27th. But, the invasion is still continuing now. There were so many people killed by the Israeli military. The death toll is about 422 people and there were about 100 children killed too. Yup, most of people killed consist of women and children. Could you imagine this fact? I totally can't imagine the situation of Gaza. As you know, the invasion was caused by Israel wanting to take a little part of district in Palestine. For some weeks, after I read and watched news about Israel and Palestine, I was shocked. I can't do anything. I just pray to God. I just wish that Israel would end the invasion. I just wish all the world leaders may help to look for other solutions for Israel and Palestine.

Through on this post, I want all of the people (readers or bloggers) to pray for Palestine.

Let's praying for Palestine!

I'm wishing Palestinians could be tougher to against the invasion!

I'm wishing Israel could stop the invasion!

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