Sunday, 4 January 2009

The tiger's name is AYU

Good evening all readers.

This afternoon, our president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), visited Kebun Binatang Ragunan, Jakarta. When he was visiting, he gave a name to four white tigers which was born in Kebun Binatang Ragunan. The four white tigers are consist of three female and one male. Three white female tigers are Ayu, Asri, and Kasih. The male one is Sinar. Why did SBY give a name to four white tigers like Ayu, Asri, Kasih and Sinar? Andi Mararangeng said that SBY wanted the tigers are becoming prettier and brighter than others. gosh. I can't believe. My name is used for a tiger! Ok, I know it is not just a plain tiger, but WHITE TIGER. Hahaha. I'm really proud with my name. I really want to thank to my Mom and Dad, who have given me a beautiful name. Also, thank to Allah SWT, because I was born with a beautiful name.

Well, I'm not joking through this post. I just want to thank about my name. Thank you for giving me a very beautiful name.. Hehehe. ;)

*This post is adopted from "Ayu, Asri, Kasih, dan Sinar Harapan Presiden" (Kompas ONLINE, January 4th 2009) click here


nenoneno said...

hihi all I know is that those four babies are so cute! they deserve good names, like Ayu! XD

nona.karin said...

kenapa KASIH bukan KARIN???
maybe next time, when KASIH get a new baby, hahaha..

ayu susanti aditya said...

buat neno: thx yaa
buat karin: rin, iya sapa tau pas KASIH punya anak, namanya karin. hehehe

tapi, gw jd pngen punya kucing atau kelinci gw namain AYU, lucu kali ye?