Sunday, 21 February 2010

a great short conversation

I had a great short conversation last night with someone. Here is..

Me : I never imagine when I will be married by someone, because I don't want marry with
someone early. I have to consider all things, not only love to share with someone, but also
our thought, vision, mission, money, and many others. I'm not ready at all for a marriage.

Him: Me too, i've to finish my study, insya Allah next year. And then, I've to look for a job, I
should have much money to propose someone. I don't want to marry someone if I still
still don't have any money. We have to live logically and realistic, not in a dream. In the
past, I used to play in every day, now I didn't want to play anymore. Because I'm getting
older and i want to be the leader in my family.

Actually, there are many topics that we talked about last night. And what I wrote above is the best part conversation that I love. Anyway, nice to meet you, nice to talk with you! :)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

a bit touch editing

1) Karin, Didiet, and me sat in front of gold bullion at Museum Bank Indonesia

2) Dodi and Didiet photographed themselves

3) Hanum had a bowl of frozen yoghurt yesterday

4) Froyo as our snack in yesterday evening

5) My parents were photographed by my sister

Recently, I'm interested in editing photos by using adobe photoshop. I don't know why I love editing photos by now. I'm not an expert of photography like my little sister. Fanny, my little sister, is very good at taking pictures and editing photos. I'm proud of her. I do love being a photographer, even though all my photos are not good as hers. I also love being an object who will be captured by the camera. Well, talking about my new interest, i want to show all the photos which has been edited by myself. Leave your comment, please!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I hate being left by my best friends

Saya paling benci kehilangan seseorang. Saya paling benci ditinggal oleh seseorang, apalagi jika saya ditinggal keluarga dan sahabat. Dulu, saya pernah ditinggal sahabat saya, Mega. Dia pergi ninggalin saya bukan karena dia jahat sama saya. Tetapi dia menuntut ilmu di kota kelahirannya para filsuf dunia, seperti Immanuel Kant dan Karl Marx. Ya, tepat sekali. Mega beralih ingin menginjakkan kakinya di Jerman. Saya lupa persisnya tahun berapa dia meninggalkan tanah air. Kalau tidak salah 2006 atau 2007. Tapi, saya sedih sekali pada malam hari menjelang kepergiannya.
this is me and mega

Saat ini saya sedang sedih karena Dian, salah satu sahabat saya, akan meninggalkan kota Bekasi untuk bekerja di Cirebon. Dia diterima di salah satu hotel berbintang di kota Cirebon dan akan bekerja sebagai management trainee, yang sesuai dengan latar belakang jurusannya, yaitu psikologi.

this is me and dian

I hate being left by my bestfriends. Because it's not easy for me to call my friend as best friend. Because it's not easy to find some people who can be trusted as best friend. Because it's not easy to tell our problem to other people than to our best friend. Because other people are not honest as our best friend. Who doesn't hate the situation like this? I'm the one who does. But, this is how life is supposed to be. In our whole life, we'll meet with many people with their different personalities. However, we never forget our bestfriend indeed . And i think, perhaps it's the best choice for them to be a success woman. I'll be proud of my bestfriends who could be success in the future. One day, we'll meet again by bringing our goals and achievements. Amin.