Sunday, 21 February 2010

a great short conversation

I had a great short conversation last night with someone. Here is..

Me : I never imagine when I will be married by someone, because I don't want marry with
someone early. I have to consider all things, not only love to share with someone, but also
our thought, vision, mission, money, and many others. I'm not ready at all for a marriage.

Him: Me too, i've to finish my study, insya Allah next year. And then, I've to look for a job, I
should have much money to propose someone. I don't want to marry someone if I still
still don't have any money. We have to live logically and realistic, not in a dream. In the
past, I used to play in every day, now I didn't want to play anymore. Because I'm getting
older and i want to be the leader in my family.

Actually, there are many topics that we talked about last night. And what I wrote above is the best part conversation that I love. Anyway, nice to meet you, nice to talk with you! :)


neriva said...

okay, that seems to me as a quite an ordinary thought.
but i guess, this one person who you had conversation with, is the greatest thing about this conversation. ;)
so, who is he?

ayu susanti aditya said...

yup the point is not about the conversation that I had, but with whom I had that conversation, he is my junior, HAHAHA, i think i just adore him because of his jokes, his views, and i don't know what things that make me happy with him. I'm not brave as every woman does, not a serious feeling, not a true feeling, because i was unsure about this feeling.. ;)