Sunday, 24 January 2010

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actress. I adore her since Meryl Streep starred in The Devil Wears Prada by 2006. The Devil Wears Prada is a drama romance yet a bit of comedy movie. In The Devil Wears Prada, I was amazed by her as the executive editor in Runway fashion magazine. She looks so sophisticated.

In 2008, I was amazed by her in Mamma Mia! Even if Mamma Mia! is a musical movie and this movie is dedicated for those who are big fans of ABBA, but i don't mind, i always love to see Meryl Streep! In Mamma Mia!, Meryl Streep plays as a mother of Sophie who is about to be married by a young Greek man (huh, i forget his name!). Without telling her mother, Sophie invites three men who could be her father, they are Harry, Bill, and Sam. One point i love to see from this movie is the scenery of Greek Island, sooo pretty, also beautiful!

Recently, i watched Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia. Julie and Julia is a biography drama comedy movie. This movie is based on true stories which is from two books, the books are My Life in France (Julia Child's autobiography) and Julie & Julia (a memoir which is written by Julie Powell). She plays as Julia Child, a real-life character. This movie tells about Julia's and Julie's life. In 1949, Julia as the wife of a diplomat, wonders how to spend her days. Julia decides to have a cooking course in Cordon Bleu. She starts cooking until she is a master of cooking then published her book with her friends. This book is "Mastering The Art of Cooking". In 2002, Julie Powell, a young housewife who doesn't have a passion with her job, tries to cook all the recipes from "Mastering The Art of Cooking" in a year then publish it in a blog "The Julie/Julia Project" (do you want to see julie's blog?click here). In short, the similarity among Julia and Julie is a good housewife with a great ability to cook, because every woman must be good at cooking to be loved by their husbands.

Guys, from three movies above, there is a similiarity about Meryl Streep. The similiarity is Meryl Streep is always paired with the new young actresses. In The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway is paired with Meryl Streep, Anne plays as the asisstant of Meryl. Then, In Mamma Mia!, Amanda Seyfried is paired with Meryl Streep as her daughter. Same as the previous movies, Meryl Streep is paired with Amy Adams, although they are never in one frame. So, who will be the next actress to be paired with Meryl Streep? We'll wait and we'll see another Meryl Streep movie! :)

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Ramen Girl and Brittany Murphy

Few days ago, like our routine in the weekend, my sister and i always spend the holiday or weekend by watching some movies at home. A movie that we have chosen to rent was The Ramen Girl. The Ramen Girl tells about Abby (Brittany Murphy), an aimless child of privilege, comes to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend, who promptly leaves for Osaka. I can't believe how dare her boyfriend leaves Abby alone in Tokyo.

Abby wants to stay in Tokyo in hoping her boyfriend will come back to her, but she's miserable in Tokyo. Abby can't speak Japanese properly and she always speaks by using English, not Japanese! Abby has a boring job as a law-firm gopher. One night, she came in to the ramen shop which is very close to her flat. When she was arriving at there, she cried and told to the owner of the ramen shop. And you know what, she cried and told by using English! not Japanese! Of course, the owner didn't know what to do because both of them didn't understand any English words. Sounds soo silly, isn't it?

The owner of the ramen shop is a couple. They are the aging master chef Maezumi and his wife Reiko. His soup cheers Abby up, so she decides to apprentice herself to him. He's not interested with Abby at all, but Abby is still insistent, so he shouts at her and gives her all the cleaning work to do. Weeks go by. She's persistent. She is trying to do her best to prove that she can make a bowl of ramen. Abby is still trying to prove in order to chef Maezumi will teach how to make a delicious ramen for the customer. Is she able to prove that she deserve to be the next generation of chef Maezumi?

Well, i can't say how the ending part of this movie. I won't say on my post, so you all have curiousity to watch The Ramen Girl. I'll continue to tell about another part of this movie. The Ramen Girl teaches us about how to survive and do the best for our work, so we can get the money and we can live happily because we love our job. The Ramen Girl is released on October 2008, one year before the main cast died on December 2009. Ya, i'm talking about Brittany Murphy. For your info, in this movie, Brittany Murphy is the only one actress from Hollywood among the Japanese actor also actress. So, this movie is unique and funny. Unique, because Brittany (as Hollywood actress) plays as the servant of Japanese to help their ramen shop. Abby must learn about their Japan language and their culture to be suit around them. Funny, because of Brittany's act in this movie. Unfortunately, we can't see her act again. Besides The Ramen Girl, she has starred in many movies, for example: Happy Feet, Just Married, Uptown Girls, Tinker Bell, and many more. A young and talented actress has died on December 2009. May God always keep her in a rest peace. amin.

Bye, brittany, we love you!

all quotes are so mine

Quote is something to state our life by using a sentence, in my definition. Quote is something important for me to express what i think about life. I can stand up by using all quote. I can see all problems from different view by using all quote. Here are all quotes that very suitable in my life.

"don't judge a book by its cover"-anonymous

"I don't want to be the best, but, I'm only be able to help people around me"-this one is made by myself

"Some people dream of success, others make it happen, let me be the people who makes it happen!"-anonymous

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan"-Gie

"Say what you mean, mean what you say"-George Smith Patton, Jr.

"Say what you mean, mean what you say, don't say it mean"-this quote is taken from Second Chance by Jane Green

"Real friends can be defined as friends who aren't rivals, aren't pretending to be friendly to find work, aren't judging you for how famous you are"-this quote is taken from Second Chance by Jane Green

"If you judge about me too much, don't claim yourself as my real friend"-This is one is made by myself"-this one is made by myself too!

"The most successful people are those who are good at plan B"-James Yorke (i saw this quote in one of articles on Kompas)

"Life is a book. Everyday has a new page with adventure to tell, lessons to learn, and tales to remember"-this one is made by myself

Some of my quotes tell about friendship, life, and success.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Before i start telling what i'll write in my blog at this moment, i'm thinking for a while: "should i tell you all about soulmate?". I'm a bit ashamed to talk about someone will be called by myself as soulmate. Ok, where do i start?

Couple days ago, i met with one of my college friends, she is Nova. She told me that she is being proposed by someone. Wow, i was sooo happy and glad to listen her story about being proposed by a great man. When she told about the man (who proposes her to be his wife), i was wondering the man must be lucky to propose nova, so did Nova. I saw her excitement from her face. I saw her happiness from a slow tempo that she uses to tell. I also was excited to listen every part of her story about being proposed. Because, i have never felt how exactly my feeling for being proposed by someone. But, I think, If I were being proposed by the right man, I would be very blissful, full of happiness, and i couldn't describe my feeling by using any words.

On that day, i spent some hours with Nova by sharing lot of stories. It was such a great day to share lot of stories. But, there was a question (from Nova) which is i hate enough to answer. Soory to say, nov. She asked me, "when will you have a boyfriend?or partner?". At that time, i had realized one thing that all my besties already have their right men to be their boyfriend first, not partner in life. And one thing that i realize is all my besties are very affectionate to take care of me, including Nova. All my besties are never bored to ask me about my future partner or who my boyfriend is at right now. Perhaps, i'm getting bored to be asked by everyone.

I don't know when i will have the right man to be my boyfriend firstly. Because of my past, i'm a bit careful to choose which one is the best man to be with me, or which one is the most suitable man to spend some hours, some days, and some weeks with me, my family, and his family too. Actually, I don't want to fall into the same hole again like what i did in my previous relationship. It made me hurt. Well, i'm not trying to dramatize my story in past. Not hurt. But, at least I could feel a bit of happiness in a beautiful relationship. Ok, not beautiful. I know that every relationship has their own way, has their story, has their sadness, not always happiness in their relationship. Ok, i'll stop to debate about definitions of relationship with my own mind.

Back to the main topic. Soulmate. Some people say that being twenty or twenties is something hard. I do feel the same like everybody. Because, there are many questions which is always buzz in our ears, for example : "when will you get your master degree?", "when will you get married?", "when will you get the best job with good salary?", and also "what criteria to be your husband?do you try to get the best man?". Oh, my god, see? it's quiet hard to answer, not like exam or thesis defension at college. But, a question that i always find is "is there any criteria to be your husband or soulmate?". I'll answer: "Yes, I do have few criteria for someone who wants to be my soulmate".

I always wonder some criteria to be my future partner. He must be a good muslim to guide me as a good muslim too. He must be affectionate to his family, me, and my family. He must be smarter than me in every aspects. Or sometimes, I wonder that he could play the words in scrabble together with me and my future son or daughter. Sometimes, I wonder that he could take exercise together in every evening and every saturday-sunday morning. Sometimes, I wonder that he could spend our spare time by reading book or watching movie or cooking at home. Sounds wonderful, isn't it?

Oh, my.. what post i did write above, ok, for anyone who reads my blog, especially my this silly post. I beg you not to laugh while you're reading this silly post. Thank you!