Friday, 22 January 2010

all quotes are so mine

Quote is something to state our life by using a sentence, in my definition. Quote is something important for me to express what i think about life. I can stand up by using all quote. I can see all problems from different view by using all quote. Here are all quotes that very suitable in my life.

"don't judge a book by its cover"-anonymous

"I don't want to be the best, but, I'm only be able to help people around me"-this one is made by myself

"Some people dream of success, others make it happen, let me be the people who makes it happen!"-anonymous

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan"-Gie

"Say what you mean, mean what you say"-George Smith Patton, Jr.

"Say what you mean, mean what you say, don't say it mean"-this quote is taken from Second Chance by Jane Green

"Real friends can be defined as friends who aren't rivals, aren't pretending to be friendly to find work, aren't judging you for how famous you are"-this quote is taken from Second Chance by Jane Green

"If you judge about me too much, don't claim yourself as my real friend"-This is one is made by myself"-this one is made by myself too!

"The most successful people are those who are good at plan B"-James Yorke (i saw this quote in one of articles on Kompas)

"Life is a book. Everyday has a new page with adventure to tell, lessons to learn, and tales to remember"-this one is made by myself

Some of my quotes tell about friendship, life, and success.


Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

ayu have you done reading second chance by Jane Green? is it good? i have bought it but haven't finished reading it yet, oh i haven't even started :p

ayu susanti aditya said...

yep,i've done reading that book, quite good mus, that book tells us about many things.

First, how to be survive in our marriage, although the ending of Holly's part is rather weird that holly decided to divorce from her husband and she decided to marry with other man who just known by her for few months.

Second, how important friends are in our life. Jane Green tells about Holly's friendship with her friends very well. A real friend will stand by your side in 24hours, and never judge you from your mistake but, she/he will find out how the way to solve the problem. that's the point i get from Jane

i suggest you to read this book, mus! :)

Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

yesss I will then! :) thnak you ya yu :D