Friday, 22 January 2010

The Ramen Girl and Brittany Murphy

Few days ago, like our routine in the weekend, my sister and i always spend the holiday or weekend by watching some movies at home. A movie that we have chosen to rent was The Ramen Girl. The Ramen Girl tells about Abby (Brittany Murphy), an aimless child of privilege, comes to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend, who promptly leaves for Osaka. I can't believe how dare her boyfriend leaves Abby alone in Tokyo.

Abby wants to stay in Tokyo in hoping her boyfriend will come back to her, but she's miserable in Tokyo. Abby can't speak Japanese properly and she always speaks by using English, not Japanese! Abby has a boring job as a law-firm gopher. One night, she came in to the ramen shop which is very close to her flat. When she was arriving at there, she cried and told to the owner of the ramen shop. And you know what, she cried and told by using English! not Japanese! Of course, the owner didn't know what to do because both of them didn't understand any English words. Sounds soo silly, isn't it?

The owner of the ramen shop is a couple. They are the aging master chef Maezumi and his wife Reiko. His soup cheers Abby up, so she decides to apprentice herself to him. He's not interested with Abby at all, but Abby is still insistent, so he shouts at her and gives her all the cleaning work to do. Weeks go by. She's persistent. She is trying to do her best to prove that she can make a bowl of ramen. Abby is still trying to prove in order to chef Maezumi will teach how to make a delicious ramen for the customer. Is she able to prove that she deserve to be the next generation of chef Maezumi?

Well, i can't say how the ending part of this movie. I won't say on my post, so you all have curiousity to watch The Ramen Girl. I'll continue to tell about another part of this movie. The Ramen Girl teaches us about how to survive and do the best for our work, so we can get the money and we can live happily because we love our job. The Ramen Girl is released on October 2008, one year before the main cast died on December 2009. Ya, i'm talking about Brittany Murphy. For your info, in this movie, Brittany Murphy is the only one actress from Hollywood among the Japanese actor also actress. So, this movie is unique and funny. Unique, because Brittany (as Hollywood actress) plays as the servant of Japanese to help their ramen shop. Abby must learn about their Japan language and their culture to be suit around them. Funny, because of Brittany's act in this movie. Unfortunately, we can't see her act again. Besides The Ramen Girl, she has starred in many movies, for example: Happy Feet, Just Married, Uptown Girls, Tinker Bell, and many more. A young and talented actress has died on December 2009. May God always keep her in a rest peace. amin.

Bye, brittany, we love you!

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