Saturday, 29 November 2008

It's really nice to meet them!

Have you ever enjoyed your english course?

Have you ever felt so happy in the class of your english course?

Have you ever felt satisfied with in the class of your english course?

I guess the answer is: Sometimes i've ever felt happy, satisfied, and enjoyed at my english course

I'm really love to learn much about foreign languages. Actually, i'm not really confident with my english, so i try to improve my English. And, i had a chance to join an english course at English First (EF). My best friend (Dian) and I are really wanted to improve our English in EF. Finally, we are enrolled together and of course, we are in the same class until now.

Now, we are in the fifth level (Pre-Intermediate). I'm really so glad to be a part of my class. My teacher, Emily, is really cheerful and outgoing person. She teaches us so well. She always makes us so amazing with her. Sh
e attractives us a lot. wow.. thanks for being our teacher!

In that class, there are less than 15 students. The students are me, Dian, Maura, Fika, Tami, Moniq, Tiffany, Rais, Joseph, Gorby, Febri, and Aldi. I'm really enjoy to study with them. It's really so nice to meet them for twice a week. The class is so fun!

Here are some photos when we had a little suprise on Emily's birthday..


During the week, i didn't update my blog, because I had a busy week.

Last Saturday (November, 22), I attended a talkshow which talks about “Higher Education = Higher Income” in Tarumanegara University. Firstly, I would like to thank my best friend, Dian, because she invited me to attend this talkshow. I was so happy to attend that talkshow. Well, the speakers are, Mr. Monty (as the Rector of Tarumanegara University), a teacher of Wall Street Institute (I forget his name, hehe, so sorry), Mr. Ruben Urresola (as Asian Operation of Gestamp Tooling Services), and the moderator is Indah Pelapory (1st runner up Miss Indonesia 2008).

From the talkshow, i can motivate myself to get the most suitable job. The most suitable job doesn't mean we get a job with so much salary. But if we found a job which we could love, enjoy, and get some money, then we could manage the salary as well as possible, so it means we found the most suitable job.

To get the most suitable job, we should have a post graduate degree like a master or diploma. Besides higher education, we should improve our skills in the spesific areas which relate to the job that we're looking for. The skills could be a hard skill or soft skill. The skills could be an organization experience in the college. We could be part of a committee in an organization or maybe join some competition that we want. Well, we must be an active student. Not a passive. Oya, when we're still in the college, try to get some achivements, either academic or non-academic.

And we should get lots of work experience to support the credibility of our CV (curriculum vitae). Then, when we're having an interview, we should have a good appearance. Talking about a good appearance, it's not just well-dressed, but also ability, capability, and character of ourself. We should perform well. Hum.. we need to change ourself to develop a good interpersonal skills, so that the company would be interested in us.

I'm really sure if we have good personal, skills, work experiences, and higher education, WE COULD GET THE MOST SUITABLE JOB and of course, A HIGHER INCOME.

Note: But, if we find a job, don't forget to manage the salary to fulfil what we need in our life..hehehehe

Hopefully, this post could be useful for anyone who reads my blog.

Friday, 21 November 2008



Being a someone (he or she) to be a shoulder to cry on...

ven if she or he had a busy week, he or she could spend a little time for us...

omeone (she or he) always tells the truth, in case if we did a mistake...

rying to know and understand why we did that mistake, NOT what the mistake is...

Fun to be with! not always fun to be with, but also if we're so sad...

ide a bicycle together...hahaha

f we had problems, she or he could feel, hear, and listen to our problems...

nded by the death...

ever tell to
anyone about our mistakes..

o some silly things which nobody knows it..

Based on the meanings of BEST FRIEND above, I think i've found my best friend. Her name is
Dian Eka Anggraini. She's my classmates in the second grade of senior high school. So, we've been almost six years to be A BEST FRIEND. I'm wishing our friendship could be longer forever..


me and my best friend

Pemilih Pemula, pemilih yang menyedihkan

What is Pemilih Pemula??

Who is called with "Pemilih Pemula"??

Pemilih Pemula is someone who already has an identity card, such as KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk). It means he or she is still in the age between 17 until 21 years old. So that, Pemilih Pemula usually still in the senior high school and college. They or Pemilih Pemula have a right to vote in the elections in 2009. But, do they realize with what their right in next elections??

Yeah, i'm not sure if they realized what they should do or who they should vote. Because, i'm not really sure with process of the elections in Indonesia. Why i'm not really sure?? Because, based on the amount of parties, huff.. there are SO MANY parties NOW. Can you imagine million people in Indonesia SHOULD KNOW each parties so well??? i can't imagine how
Indonesian people could know much about 38 parties as well as possible. In case, if we just had 5 or 10 parties, perhaps Indonesian people could know them at all. I think it is so impossible thing in Indonesia.

Ok, back to main topic: Pemilih Pemula

Yesterday, my dad gave me a book. For a while, i think the book is about cartoon or heroes. Then, i opened it, wow.... wuuu.. it isn't a book, it's just a comic. The title of that comic: "Putih Abu-Abu Pemilu: Komik Politik untuk Pemilih Pemula". Wow, it's really AWESOME!

How cute that comic is..hahahaha

I tried to read..

Geezz.. It's a briliant comic, u know? I like the way of Nurul Arifin to campaign herself (for an information, she would be a caleg for Karawang). Yaa.. The author of that comic is my lecturer in UNAS. Although, she's trying to campaign herself by comic, but the comic is so very very very

Let me try to review her comic:
Adit (17) and Cici (17) are classmates. They don't understand about the elections, so they ask to their teacher, Pak Bono. They don't know what democration
is , what they should do, who they will vote in the elections, and which party is the best for them. Then, Pak Bono tries to answer their question.

useful for students in senior high school.

i got the conclusion is: "Pemilih Pemula: Pemilih yang menyedihkan"

Two Thumbs Up for Nurul Arifin! (well, i'm not one of her fans) hehehe.. ^_^

BAN bajaj, that's what friends are for..

Wanna know more about BAN bajaj? Let me tell what BAN bajaj is.

BAN bajaj consists of ayu, aulia, and hanum. We met since we've joined into Wretta Aksa in the third semester at University of Nasional. Well, we're three unique woman. We love eating, watching movies, hanging ou
t, taking some photos, dressing up like a model, hehehe. Of course, we love talking about hehehe, just we know much gossips about everyone around us. But, we love spending much time together by dressed up and then took some photos in everywhere.

Like these photos.