Saturday, 29 November 2008

It's really nice to meet them!

Have you ever enjoyed your english course?

Have you ever felt so happy in the class of your english course?

Have you ever felt satisfied with in the class of your english course?

I guess the answer is: Sometimes i've ever felt happy, satisfied, and enjoyed at my english course

I'm really love to learn much about foreign languages. Actually, i'm not really confident with my english, so i try to improve my English. And, i had a chance to join an english course at English First (EF). My best friend (Dian) and I are really wanted to improve our English in EF. Finally, we are enrolled together and of course, we are in the same class until now.

Now, we are in the fifth level (Pre-Intermediate). I'm really so glad to be a part of my class. My teacher, Emily, is really cheerful and outgoing person. She teaches us so well. She always makes us so amazing with her. Sh
e attractives us a lot. wow.. thanks for being our teacher!

In that class, there are less than 15 students. The students are me, Dian, Maura, Fika, Tami, Moniq, Tiffany, Rais, Joseph, Gorby, Febri, and Aldi. I'm really enjoy to study with them. It's really so nice to meet them for twice a week. The class is so fun!

Here are some photos when we had a little suprise on Emily's birthday..

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