Saturday, 20 December 2008

Bye 2008.. and Welcome 2009!


We are going to face
a new year..
Have you felt pleased with your resolutions in 2008?
Have you got all resolutions in 2008?
If you haven't get all resolutions or maybe if you haven't feel satisfied, you'll try to get all in 2009.

By the way, have you made some resolutions for 2009?

If you haven't make a list about your resolutions, i'm trying to give an example.
Here is my list of resolutions in 2009.

I wish:
1) Get my bachelor's degree
2) Increase my TOEFL's score
3) Apply for a job as journalist
4) Be a better woman
5) Take a driving lesson with dian or fanny.

Now, i'm praying for all that resolutions in 2009..
I'm wishing all of us have a better life in 2009..

cheers :)

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