Tuesday, 31 March 2009

a very short post

Good afternoon all!

For the first time, I created a new post at warnet (warung internet) which is near from my campus. Yeay, I decided to go to campus this morning, even though I feel so bored today. I told to my parents about my feeling isn't good at all.

My parents reminded me their advice: "if your feeling isn't good as usual, you might be staying at home today".

then, their advice comes true! I'm feeling so bored and dilemma now! I'm supposed to be staying at home today! It's unbelievable!

Ok, let me review my schedule today:

I should meet my lecturer to show off all my presentation this morning. Since my lecturer said that I must give the best performance in the judgement day, so I want him to check all the presentation that I did.

After I met my lecturer, I sent sms to one of my friends at campus. Ya, she borrowed my book since some weeks ago. Last night, I planned to take the book from her, however that book is very important for me to read much about methodology research. Now, I'm waiting her for almost three hours at warnet!!

ugh.. I hate waiting!

Suddenly, I just remembered that there is a seminar which talks about the election in 2009 this afternoon. My friend wanted me to attend the discussion. But, I've already cancelled to come to politic discussion at campus, because I have to meet her and take the book. Fyi, I really need that book, so I decided to wait her for giving back to me! :(

I'm regreting all the things happened today. I'm still wondering that I would be a participant in that politic discussion. I'm also wondering that I would be staying at home like my parents' advice.

This evening, I'll having an early dinner with my best friend, dian, we'll be chatting a lot, and next, I'll be attending the class in my english course. Hopefully, everything will be fine..

note: if you want to go out, don't forget to pray to God.. :)


nenoneno said...

kayaknya kalo mo keluar rumah emang harus dengan hati yang mantap dulu de Yu. ati ati di jalan ya. :)

ayu susanti aditya said...

iya no, gw juga baca postingan blog lo yang baru tentang kejadian di hari ultah lo, sabar yaaaaaaaaaa, kita emang benar2 harus mantepin hati kalo ke keluar rumah.