Monday, 16 February 2009

A post-tag about : Footprints award and blog


Put this logo on your blog and answer these question below!

1. What is your main reason to make a blog?
2. Whose blog that you visited first after you made your own blog?
3. Tag 5 (five) people you often visit!

yihiii, I got a homework again from neno, thanks for giving me a homework ! Hehehehe, here are the answer..

1. The main reason why I made a blog is.. I love writing so much. I always spend my time to write anything in everyday whether it is a fiction, poem, my daily life, news, or my opinion about any topics. Then, I tried to write down in blog since I was in senior high, yeaa.. I ever made a blog for three times (this is the third! my older blogs are : my first blog, but, this one has already deleted, and my friendster's blog), but I was a little bit confused at that time, because, blog doesn't exist like today. Hehehe. Eventually, I decided to make a blog AGAIN. So, here I am in my new blog!

2. After I made my own blog, I had been visiting Karin's blog, yup, I was amazed at her blog. (thanks karin! you gave me an inspiration to make blog again, you already taught me how to make a blog, you taught me by chatting on facebook..hehehe, thanks for teaching me!)

3. Tag this post to 5 (five) people you often visit! Okay, give me a few minutes to think which people should I tag. Five people?? Sorry, I only tag this post to three people. I'm tagging this post to Karin, Neriva, and my younger sister, Fanny..


Anonymous said...

congratz for the homework! *halah* eh barusan ngintip blog friendster nya Ayu, lumayan lama juga ya nulisnya dari taun 2005. wah wah.. hebat! :D

nona.karin said...

siiaaap!! thanks award-nya, jeng ayu!

ayu susanti aditya said...

@ neno: wuaaa. lo baca blog di friendster gw?? hehehe, jadi malu.. :)

@ karin: iya sama2..dikerjain yaaa!

Lanie said...

boleh juga nih.....
kasi ke aku donk...
btw,lam nal dulu yew....