Monday, 9 February 2009

all the things related with thesis

Hello everyone! Hopefully, This post could be useful for anyone who starts to do thesis (baca: skripsi). Are you in the last semester? Have you finished your thesis? If you haven't finished your thesis and still confused to manage, let me give some tips how to face all the problems while you are finishing your thesis.. okey? Here are the tips.

1) Make your desk (or room) tidier. Why do you need to make tidier? Yeaa.. if your desk is so untidy, you won't have a good mood to do your thesis. I'm really sure the condition of your desk (or room) would be influenced to get a better mood to do your thesis. Hehehe. ;)

2) Create your own calendar and make a target to get then. You have to create a calendar, since, the calendar makes you easier to remind much things, or the calendar makes you to get a target, for example:
  1. when the date you should meet your lecturer;
  2. when the date you should do your chapter per a day or a week;
  3. when the date you should bring your result of the chapter you did;
  4. also you need to know your improvement of the thesis by using a calendar. I suggest you to be discipline by finishing each of the chapters in a month, so you only need to finish in 4 or 6 months (like me..hihi), you must do that!
3) Don't waste your time! You ought to use your time as much as you can. Even you don't need to hang out in weekdays. Your spare time is only in weekend, guys! Don't forget about a proverb : Time is money, yeaa.. use your time as well as you can do.

4) Read more books than usual you read. When you're still finishing thesis, you should look for more books to be your reference in thesis. I suggest you to go any libraries that you like, after that you read any books which is related to your topic in thesis. Because, based on my experience, you would never know the theories or how to analyze the topic, if you never read and learn from any books! Still remember about this proverb : Buku adalah jendela dunia.

5) Pray to God. I know you're living in underpressure when you have to finish thesis as quickly as possible. So, don't forget to pray and wish all the problems would be fine. okay?

Good luck with your thesis, guys! cheers! :)


Anonymous said...

wew, this is the kind of tips I needed when I was finishing my thesis. waktu kemaren ngerjain skripsi juga gitu Yu, kalo ga keras ama diri sendiri kayaknya ga mungkin bisa selese tepat waktu. eh tapi kemaren ternyata aku juga telat selesainya (karena ga disiplin ni.. hihi.. :P).

ayu susanti aditya said...

@ neno: iya nih..postingan ini berdasarkan apa yg gw alamin sekarang.. hehehe (curhat jadinya)

mustikasari said...

how about your thesis, yu? :)

ayu susanti aditya said...

@ mustika: insya allah maret atau april akan sidang..doakan saya yaaaa.

mustika said...

yuppppppiii :) sukseeess yaaa :)

neriva said...

additional tips from me :
read all over your thesis, word by word, as much as you can.
kalo bisa sebelum dikumpul, cari kesalahannya sedetail mungkin..
jadi kalo pas sidang ditanya, you've got the answer.
and then if it's the wrong answer, you still got the back up answer..
be prepared and good luck!

ayu susanti aditya said...

makasih yaa
oke2 gw akan menjalani tips lo yang ini, kadang satu kesalahan yg kecil emang tidak terduga