Sunday, 4 October 2009

an earthquake & batik as the national symbol on october

hey, it's already on october! i always love to spend day-to-day on this month, maybe because of a lot of people are going to celebrate their birthday on october, they're my dad, my sister, hanum, my uncle, my cousins, and other my beloved people around me. I hope everything will be fine on this month, amien! I hope Allah wouldn't give any problems or accidents or bad news, i hope so..

but, I was shocked when I saw a tweet from Kompas which delivers a bad news about a 7.6-magnitude earthquake rocked in Sumatera Barat on last wednesday. Then, on thursday morning, i was sad because another earthquake just happened in Jambi. I can't imagine how many people are died and buried in there. I can't imagine how the way they can survive from all these. Ya Allah, You're the greatest thing in this world, You're the only one who knows what's going on today and tomorrow, please keep save all the citizens of Sumbar and Jambi. Please, give them all a powerfull strength and lots of patience to face all the problems they had...

This photo was taken from Kompas

Let's talk about another good news from Indonesia! On October 2rd, Batik was officially designated by UNESCO as cultural heritage from Indonesia. And, the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, had asked to all our citizens to wear batik on that day. I love that day! I love wearing batik so much! I'm proud of batik as the most unique cultural heritage in the world. Sometimes I find some people who don't like to wear batik as their daily clothes. They think batik can't be dressed into casually. Hey guys, batik doesn't have to be designed formally, it can be dressed casually for any situations. They don't respect to our culture indeed, they don't proud of our nation and batik. Nevertheless, I was really happy to see many people (at mall, campus, and office) wore batik on last friday!!

This photo also was taken from Kompas , they are so cute in wearing batik, aren't they?

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