Saturday, 31 October 2009

Froyo - frozen yoghurt

It's already weekend on the last day of october, it means we're gonna say goodbye to october, then we'll be starting to do our real activites on november.. time runs so fast, doesn't it? We don't mind how time runs so fast, at least, when weekend already comes, we'd better relax, go out, do shopping, do something fun, or perhaps eat any new dishes, foods, and desserts.

If you don't want to spend much money by shopping or seeing movie at the cinema, you should have try frozen yoghurt (or froyo) as your dessert after having lunch. I suggest you to eat this dessert in the evening while you do chatting and gossiping with your friends. Well, who doesn't love to consume frozen yoghurt or froyo? of course, whoever you are, you'll be falling in love with this dish as your favourite dessert to eat together with your friends, colleagues, and your siblings.

left to right: wiwid, me, and hanum are ravenous to eat a big cup of sour sally at Pejaten Village

Froyo is made from yoghurt, so the taste of froyo is very sour. Even though this dessert consists of milk, but you don't have to worry about the ingredients of fat in a small/medium/big cup of froyo, since the fat is low enough.

If you don't like its taste which is sour, at Sour Sally, for example you may add any ice cubes and milk below the yoghurt. Perhaps, when you choose the topping, you need to combine the topping between fruit and dry topping, it's better to make your froyo much more sweetly not sour. Trust me, if you don't like the taste of an original froyo, you'd better go to J-Co's stand at Mall near from your house, and then buy a single/couple/sharing cup of J-cool, you'll see the difference between an original froyo at Sour Sally and a cup of froyo at J-cool. The taste of froyo at J-cool is not as sour as an original froyo at Sour Sally, i recommend J-cool for anyone who doesn't like much sour.

According to the fact in any magazines or newspaper, having froyo as dessert is becoming a new example of life style which everyone loves to consume this dessert in their daily life. Come on, try froyo as newly dessert in your daily life, it makes your mind health and fresh in the weekend! Have a nice weekend everyone!:)


Anonymous said...

ga doyan FROYO soalnya kecut dan ga ada yg rasa coklat :D

ayu susanti aditya said...

tikaa, emang sih kecut, tapi jcool kan gak begitu, heheehe, ada choco chips kok.. cobain deh!