Wednesday, 20 October 2010


" Kita harus menyayangi hewan, apapun hewan itu, karena hewan juga ciptaan Tuhan dan mereka punya hak hidup "- my dad.

Those words above were said by my father to me and my sister. Since I was kid, maybe 3 years or 4 years old, me and my sister have been taught about animal by our father. His words are always be our reminder to do not something bad with the animals around us. He always teaches us how to care with animals from the tiniest one to the biggest one.

You know what the effect from his words for me? When I was kid, I often used to follow and to observe the habit of ANT! Yep, ANT! Oh, please, I hope you, my readers, will not to laugh at me while reading this. I love ant. I used to be curious about what ant will do next. I used to like following ant. I used to like observing the activities of ant every day! Is it a nerd and a weird routinity? My father said NO. He said my unusual routinity was good at that time. My grandpa added that my daily routinity could be good for my knowledge. Additionally, my grandfather, who taken care of me, supported me to do observing the activities of ant.

In the backyard, I used to observe in every hole where ants must be there. After school, I used to go to the backyard to see what they do. After having lunch or dinner, I even used to share a bit of food to those ants! Sooooo funny, hah? The most thing I love from ants is they live communally. In other words, they always work together for their groups, especially gathering the food. Unfortunately, my father didn't capture any photos of me together with ants. By photos, I need a real evidence to support me that I ever was the biggest fan of ants. hehehe.

Well, that's a bit unknown fact from me. None of my friends knows this fact. Only my family do know this. I can say that ant is unique animal yet so cute! Besides ant, I found other odd animals but they are too cute not to be loved. I found them on National Geographic. Thank you dad, you always remind us not to miss all their programs about animal life. Here they are..

Aardvarks, Orycteropus afer, only can be found in Southern Africa

As you see that animal above, it seems like kangaroo and pig, doesn't it? Aardvarks seems like a kangaroo because of its tail. And it seems like a pig because of its longer nose than the real pig. Oh, one more thing, it seems like rabbit, look at its ears! so cute!

Black-Footed Ferrets, mustela nigripes

Unfortunately, the population of black-footed ferrets is getting more declined now. I read from National Geographic that the protection status is endangered.. :(

They look like strange but so cuteee, don't they? Keep preserving our animals for a better habitat! :)

Anyway, all photos are taken from National Geographic.

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