Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Coffee and Chocolate

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I renewed and edited my bio on twitter yesterday. I said there, " I used to love drinking coffee, but now, seriously, I don't love drinking coffee ". Anymore. I'd rather choose a cup of hot chocolate than a cup of coffee. Why does this change happen to me? And since when did I start not to consume caffeine in coffee?

When I was in senior high school, I was influenced by the habit of my father, exactly by consuming caffeine in coffee. My father is the most active smoker and coffee drinker in his whole life. Coffee and cigarette look like his best friend forever. When he needs an idea to come, he starts smoking and drinking a coffee. When he starts writing, he takes cigarette and coffee. Like, nothing else, except them.

Okay, back to the main person of this writing, me. I saw coffee as good as chocolate. As I take a sip of coffee, it gives me an relaxing feeling, so does chocolate. Since I was in senior high school, I started to love drinking a cup of coffee. I'd rather m
ade a strongly instant coffee to drink most of the time. So that, I felt enjoy and enjoyed the moment while I was having a cup of either originally black coffee or mix coffee. Most of the time, I used to prefer enjoying many variety of coffee, such as cappucino, espresso, hazelnut coffee, coffee latte, and even instant coffee. I used to drink a cup of coffee in every morning, every noon, and every night. It means I used to drink at least three times a day. At that time, I haven't felt any bad effects from coffee. I only felt positive effect, a relaxing moment, after sipping a cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, as t
he time goes by, I became addicted to any coffee! Unlike others, who haven't been influenced by bad effect from drinking coffee, I had been feeling that my heart always beats so fast. Unluckily me, I'm not the one who fits with coffee, due to my heart's condition. Or perhaps, this relates to my low blood pressure. I always feel scared when the beat of my heart is getting faster, after drinking a cup of original black coffee or mix coffee. This makes me worry about bad effect to my health. I felt worry about its health effect. After asking advise to other people, like doctor and my parents, I decided to stop drinking coffee no matter what condition I got. The conclusion is I'm not suitable to consume coffee. I'd prefer drinking a hot chocolate rather than a cup of coffee. And, I feel better after drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Anyhow, drinking a cup of hot chocolate is more relaxing, more healthy, and more enjoyable than drinking a cup of coffee! :)

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