Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hate that I love you

Hey, everyone! It's already on July! yeay, i'm so glad to welcome this month!

But, i'm missing my boy out there, really, i'm missing him now. Have I told you before about my ex-boyfriend?
He was my classmate in campus, He's also my best friend in campus, even though our relationship has already broken up, but, we're still having a good relationship and friendship until now. We're still connect each other, everyday, everyweek, and everymonth. Lately, i feel i don't want to let him go from my life, so does he.

It seems to be very hard to get him off.
It seems to be very hard for us to have someone new.
It seems to be very hard to have a new relationship with another people.

He's still finishing his thesis, fyi, he's trying to keep focus on thesis until this month. I haven't met him since three weeks ago, he told me that he wanted to finish his last assigment, then we could spend much time together. I hope he's doing okay with his thesis, I hope he could finish his thesis in this month, so he would have the judgement day immediately, and I hope he'll text me again for giving me a good news. Yaa, I can't wait to hear another good news from him, because i'm missing him already and I hate that I love him so. You know, like a part of lyric from Rihanna and Neyo..

And I hate how much I love you boy
I can't stand how much I need you
And I hate how much I love you boy
But I just can't let you go
And I hate that I love you so (Hate that I love you)

Or maybe like the lyric from Jason Mraz featuring Colbie which is titled "Lucky".. Indeed, our friendship becomes a good relationship..

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

I feel so lucky that I'm in love with my best friend, yup, my best friend is my boyfriend!

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neriva said...

jadi best friend, boy friend, atau ex-boy friend nih yuuu?? hihi
samaa banget yuuuu... it's like everything still good between me and him, i don't even sure the break up was real! :P...hahaha but of course it's real