Monday, 15 June 2009

After my graduation day

Gutten morgen, everyone! I hope you all would have a great week which starts from today, yeah, you may say: "I love Monday!". Because, when you say that you love Monday, it'll be so fun to cheer your day up.

It's been more than three weeks that I never share and write any things in my own blog. I don't have any special stories to share with, even if I feel my life is colourful and full of special things indeed (let me say that I'm lazy to think and write, LOL).

Since I was graduated from college, I'm still applying for a job, going for an interview, having an english course, and praying to Allah SWT for all the best things. Not hectic, not busy, just a simple schedule to fulfil my days. My graduation day was not a kind one. The most important thing in my graduation day is my family. I was very happy to give the best gift to my family, that's all.

My father said: "This is your first step into the real world, you have to be strong to face, to struggle, and to prove that you're gonna be the number one in your family". It's so simple to hear what my father said three weeks ago, isn't it?

Well, i'll be having an interview (again) tomorrow. I was called from another magazine last week, so I wish that I could start for work in the end of this month (amien!).

To all my friends who has just graduated:
"Congratulations guys! Life has just begun. I wish that we could get success, amien".


Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia said...

Wah selamat ya ayuuu... moga cepetan dpt kerja jd bisa cepet nyenengin ortu. Doain aku juga ya... lg super hectic mikirin judul skripsi nih....

Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

congratulation ayuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
welcome to the jungle :D hehehee

ayu susanti aditya said...

thanks semuanya!