Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2013, suprise me pleasantly please!

2013 will be coming up few weeks later. Yes, it's December 2012 already. Here is what I wanna say..

As I did few years ago, I listed some wishes to be implemented for the upcoming year. For 2013, I haven't listed any wishes. This doesn't mean I don't have any wishes or plans for my life in the next year. I have a lot of plans. I have a lot of wishes. But, I don't want to write it down and to make a list of them. This doesn't mean I don't prepare myself well.

This means I want to face this life naturally. This means I want to walk away without plans. This means I don't need to run for life. This means I want to live freely, not to live with any kind of ambitious goals. And the last important thing, let Allah SWT arrange my life without any purposes from me, because I believe Allah SWT already set up my life with his best plans.

So, 2013, come over please! I really can't wait for any suprises from Allah in 2013.

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