Friday, 21 January 2011

Castle, my favourite tv series!

It's been so long that I've never been updating this blog since last year, exactly on November. hmm.. three months ago and it's already first month on the year of 2011. I can't tell about many things since I have no time at all. Yup, for some months, I've been having lack of time to do writing because of my work at college. So, I'm here now, to update this blog.

Well, there is no important stories to be told to you. The only one that I wanna tell is I'm crazy about Castle. Anyone of you watch this tv series? Perhaps, some of you have starworld in your television channel, you guys may see Castle. You guys may say I'm late to see Castle, but this serial tv is worth to be seen by the fans of detective series.

the image source (click!)

Have a pleasant year in 2011, wish everything will turn out to be greater than the previous year!

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